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MR Studio is a multicultural studio established in 2019 and based in Lisbon. We focus on the development of Interior Architecture projects with special attention to Interior Design.​

The drawing as a narrative for materiality and construction techniques that transform the project from a residential, and commercial into a consistent set of concerns with light, shadow, volume, proportion, junction, geometry, and repetition.


MR Studio is constantly looking for materials that radiate warmth, confidence, unity, contemporaneity, and sophistication of simplicity and imperfection.

Every single client is different, and we aim to grasp that uniqueness and create aesthetically pleasing spaces.

MR Studio creates spaces that tell a history - your history.

Spaces that appeal to the senses, memories, essence, we invite you to feel, touch, and highlighting the sense of comfort with simplicity and quality.


Our studio is an invitation to stay and relax and enjoy a conversation with us.



Avenida Professor Doutor Cavaco Silva,

10B, 2740-255 Porto Salvo


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