MR Studio is a full-service Interior Architecture & Design Studio in Lisbon, Portugal, led by Michelle Reis.

Totally focused on the details, our goal is to inspire our clients with a customized & high end project that goes beyond their expectations. Our philosophy is to produce unique and individual results that not only reflect our clients or their brand but enhances their lives.

We guide our clients through a highly-personalized and enjoyable experience to create their dream home. We take on a low volume of work, so that each client is given great care and attention, and our step-by-step process includes finishing each space down to the last detail, including artwork and styling.

Our clients are a crucial part of the process design, being involved in the initial stages of the project, allowing us to process their reactions quickly and to seek innovative solutions that fully meet their expectations. 

MR Studio is passionate about all facets of design and believes it’s an essential component to delivering a comprehensive and successful project. We aim to provide spaces that are functional, elegant, contemporary and genuinely reflecting a client’s personality or brand.


MR Studio consider pretty much everything it has to do with the building of an interior space that will affect the living experience, including materials, finishes, electrical requirements, plumbing, lighting, ventilation, ergonomics, and intelligent use of space.


Our approach to interior design is meticulous and founded upon the creative; with bespoke, elegant and sophisticated elements that bear all the hallmarks of modern and contemporary design.


MR Studio works one-on-one with each client to create a personalised décor concept. Every single client is different, and we aim to grasp that uniqueness and create aesthetically pleasing decor. By creating welcoming, comforting, uplifting spaces for our clients.

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